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Productos Colombianos del Campo S.A.S specializes in products of natural origin, natural sweeteners, refreshing, nutritious, always seeking the welfare of consumers.

We fulfill an important social work, because it ensures the livelihood of thousands of people who live from the production of panela, in farms called trapiches in an almost artisanal way. As well as that of small coffee growers and aromatic and fruit growers.

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In a Farm located north of the VALLE DEL CAUCA. In a place called Trapiche. Up to 300 tons per month can be produced. The panela, sugar substitute, natural sweetener, energy drink. It is a food product with excellent characteristics, being up to the requirements for food products of the new era. The panela is obtained from the evaporation of sugarcane juices and the following crystallization of sucrose containing minerals and vitamins. The panela can be used in the preparation of: Refreshing drinks (lemon and sour orange) – Hot drinks (Coffee, Chocolates, aromatic, teas) – Sauces for meats and pastries – fruit and vegetables preserve – typical dishes. The main nutritional components of panela are sugars (sucrose, glucose and fructose), vitamins (A, some of the complex B,C,D and E), and minerals (Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Copper, Zinc and Manganese) Sugar: Among the 18 carbohydrates, sucrose sugar is the main constituent of panela, with a content that varies between 75% and 85% of dry weigh. For its part. Reducing sugars (between 6 and 15%) have an availability for immediate use for the body, which represents and energy for immediate use for the body, which represents an energy advantage because it is transformed into energy required by the body. Nutritionally, the energy contribution of panela ranges between 310 and 350 calories per 100 grams.


Coffee of Origen, grown in “POSTUGAL and LA VICTORIA”, with a tradition of over 80 years. “PORTUGAL and LA VICTORIA” is in the municipality of Risaralda, and San Jose Caldas, respectively at an altitude of 1500to 1700 meters. In an area of approximately 25 cultivated hectares, 100.000 plants produce the best coffee. Most plants are from the Castillo, Colombia and Costa Rica varieties, all part of the Arabica coffee family. These varieties possess the most desired qualities of a good coffee. The quality of coffee in this region is consolidated as one of the favorites in the taste of the most demanding consumers, thanks to its excellent quality and great variety of shades, along with the softness and consistency that characterize Colombian coffee.

Its cup characteristics are very remarkable: It is a coffee with notes of black grape and red wild fruits. It has notes of intense caramel with chocolate aroma; its acidity is medium high, citrus. Its flavor is complex and pleasant. It has a medium creamy body, with residual black grape and maple honey.

We meet standards of high quality, with a sustainable and environmentally-friendly coffee growing and a hand-based production from peasants who love their work.

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The aromatic crops in Colombia grew by about 21%, our country exports approximately 38 million dollars in plants and spices to the entire world. Healthy consumption in the world has been growing hand in hand with products of natural origin.

Colombia has about 400 species of aromatic and medicinal plants, with production capacity throughout the year. Supplying the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and also cosmetic products.

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ALBAHACA Basil - (Ocimun basilicum)

In the Farm La Picota of 2,7 hectares available, between the municipalities of Honda and Mariquita in Tolima, is the Basil processing plant, there it is grown and packed for the International market. Producing a little more than 30.000 pounds a month and generating about of 50 jobs.

This crop began to develop 4 years ago,

Basil variety NUFAR, is an aromatic and medicinal plant, herbaceous with erect and branched stems, leafy, which reaches 30 to 50 cm in height. The leaves 2 to 5 cm, soft, green, broad leaf. The flowers are white, arranged in elongated spikes.


Our country favored by its different thermal floors has an immense variety of vegetables, all of them important for our correct nutrition.

They are natural antioxidants, they provide vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins:Essential substances for life, which the body needs in small quantities and is not able to synthesize itself, but must obtain them from food.

Minerals: Inorganic elements that the body needs to function and must be ingested by food.

Fiber: It is the part of plant foods that is not digested by our digestive system, which, due to its ability to fix water inside the intestine, increases the volume and improves the consistency of the stool, contributing to proper intestinal function .

The ALBAHACA or BASIL, helps digestive problems such as gas or indigestion, also its taste and aroma makes it very desirable in sauces, salads that enrich any recipe.

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Colombia, privileged with its geographical position, has all the thermal floors and that makes us favor of a wide range of the best exotic fruits, delicious and very popular in the world market.

We have all colors and textures, they can be eaten directly from the harvest, in juices or in different presentations and recipes.

Fruits rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants such as ASAI, which has favorable effects against Alzheimer's, cancer, Parkinson's, menstrual cramps and has high calcium content. Or like the UCHUVA, with many nutritional and especially healing powers, called Cape Gooseberry OR Golden Berry in English.

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